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Adobe Photoshop has been the industry norm for editing images to get a quarter of a century. Today,’photoshop’ has become a verb — for example, photoshopping or even photoshop contest. Regrettably, Photoshop is expensive, and many people can’t afford the upfront cost. However, as part of an annual program with monthly premiums, you can purchase Photoshop as one program for around #20 a month. And if you’re looking for more photo-management tools, Adobe’s Photography package (Lightroom and Photoshop) is readily available for approximately #10 a month. While this does not sound like a lot of cash, it is more costly than many people can manage, especially when all you have to do is a few basic editing materials. If you’re not into complex image editing, there is tons of free software available that can perform like Photoshop. By GIMP to Pixlr, here are our best free Photoshop options for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. DSLR camera reviews read our comprehensive verdicts to find your perfect model. GIMP (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)Unusual name, outstanding software. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an effective piece of software. It features a number of the very same attributes as Photoshop, also supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux computers. It’s entirely modular using a tabbed interface, so that you may keep your most used 20 online photoshop alternatives for free | geekers magazine tools within easy reach. The interface is similar to that of Photoshop, particularly in case you switch on the single-window mode. It’s still in active development, with new features and filters added all the time. You could even expand GIMP’s attribute defined by installing plug-ins or scripts. Paint. NET (Windows)Making simplicity one of its key attributes, Paint. NET is a easy-to-use free photo editor which packs in plenty of tools, effects and filters. Available exclusively for Windows, it does not incorporate some of those high-level attributes found in GIMP or Photoshop, but enough for quick and basic edits. It began life as a replacement for Microsoft Paint, which will be bundled with Windows, however, has become something far more than that. With basic editing tools such as layers, reverse background and community-created plug-ins, this computer program is difficult to beat. IrfanView (Windows)A compact image viewer, IrfanView is notable for the small size of this program, speed, ease of use and support of a broad assortment of file formats. Only available on Windows, it contains many added features, such as slideshow, batch conversion, picture adjustment, image editing, picture editing, resizing, panorama stitching, automobile EXIF spinning and much more. Functionality could be further stretched via broadly accessible plug-ins. It has a very minimal look and organized structure because of its interface