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It was the 2020 version of a longstanding tradition of projecting American messages across the borders of adversaries. During the Cold War, Radio Free Europe broadcast pro-democracy programs across the Iron Curtain.

Waitwhile is super easy to use and helps us serve our customers more efficiently. We use Waitwhile to manage attendee viewing McAfee Stinger free download times in our Virtual Arcade. With powerful analytics, you will learn about your wait times, visit patterns and resource usage.

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Automate Text Messaging — Using workflows, you can automatically trigger text messages using HubSpot triggers. Bulk Text Message — Bulk text message hundreds of contacts, and you track everything on the contacts timeline.

Waitwhile will automatically recommend improvements and tweak your operations with machine-learning to reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. Let guests join the line now or schedule a time in advance. With a powerful bookings feature that automatically syncs the appointments with your waitlist, your guests have total flexibility. Guests are informed about their current wait time through SMS, Email or Slack – and when it’s time to return. Plus, they can update their status on their phone and your team can reply back.

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In 2003, the United States dropped leaflets in Iraq warning against the use of chemical weapons. Seeking to publicize new rewards of up to $10 million for information about people trying to attack American voting systems, the State Department sent text messages to cellphones in Russia as well as Iran. I was introduced to Josh and his SMS software and can only say that it is one of the best, if not, the best marketing software that I’ve used. Josh’s communication with me and my colleagues was on point and I would be honored to recommend his work to anyone else.

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Make your wait experience amazing with Waitwhile, the intelligent waitlist app. Create a free waitlist for your business with SMS notifications — in less than 3 minutes. In previous years, rewards were advertised to foreign audiences not by text messages but with leaflet drops by the U.S. The true audience for the text messages may be American voters as much as it is foreign cellphone owners.

  • There are times when you simply need to stitch content from two PDF files together.
  • It requires that you merge your PDF files or in other words to combine PDFs.
  • Yet dealing with the hard-to-edit PDF format calls for a much more sophisticated solution.
  • It’s GUI is a frontend of PDFTK where you can merge, split or even add some background to your PDF files.
  • This is especially true when transferring content from one PDF to another or when the data you want to analyze is placed in multiple PDF files.
  • While your first instinct is to extract your information and then recreate another PDF file, it is not the best time saver.

The effort is the latest push by the Trump administration to show it is taking the threat of election interference seriously. In recent weeks, intelligence officials have warned about broad foreign interference efforts, and the State Department has outlined various Russian propaganda and disinformation drives. An American official said the text messages were part of a worldwide campaign in multiple languages, but did not answer further questions about what countries were targeted. The official emphasized that the program was anonymous, and that people providing information and earning the reward could be eligible for relocation on a case-by-case basis. Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian government, ridiculed the message, which she said had appeared on many Russian cellphones. The program would yield nothing for the United States government, she predicted, and was more than just annoying to Russians.