7 Effective Tools to Increase Slow Laptop Efficiency After Virus Removal

Disable Startup Software

I don’t understand the neat rejection of an outstanding OS even without giving it a try. "It is not at all sure that rolling back will go well"? Well, I first installed WX when I was not entirely prepared, and I needed to make the roll back, and it went perfectly.

Pausing Updates

If you’re running 8 or 8.1, then _DO_ upgrade to 10. WX proposes a lot of native apps recommended for one or another activity. But one might refuse them and chose the apps of his choice. And those who used so many years XP or W7 will finally get to use WX the way they did with the previous OSs.

I don’t see how that’s in Microsoft’s interest. Tried the upgrade and my Pc just non stop crashes or restarts within 8-10 mins. Non of the https://wikidll.com/ solutions worked hence ending up wasting 2 days of my life. Had to revert back to Win 7, for me Win 10 is disappointing. As Ray said, the Windows activation is tied to your hardware; it’s called digital entitlement.

As for writing 1000+ word guides every week, I actually have time, because I wrote anywhere between 5 and 10 thousands words a day on my favorite subject, baseball. I’ve been using a PC too long, and actually "believed" Bill Gates when he said, 640K is enough for anybody.

  • They wouldn’t appear in File Explorer until you went through a 13-step process in the Device Manager to undo the damage.
  • In March 2017, Microsoft released a device driver that broke the MTP protocol used by Android phones, media players, and other portable devices.
  • If you’re using any of this software, consider adding Dropbox to that app’s whitelist.
  • These are just a few of the examples we remember.

I am more interested in knowing where you stand after you take the free upgrade and the PC as they always do with microsoft shit goes down the plughole and you need to format your drive. I’m sorry Windows 10 has caused you so much trouble, Tony. I wish you would have read one of our articles where we recommend to make an image backup of your system before upgrading or how to block the Windows 10 upgrade in case you don’t want it. It would have made it easier for you to avoid or escape from the Windows 10 drama.

The wealthier the person, the bigger the lies I guess. i really hope you have windows 10 – harsh i know, but fair. Just because someone doesn’t like or agrees with an article doesn’t mean they spent all their time reading the title and then stopped there. We’ve previously covered how to secure a free Windows 10 copy without actually switching, a story this article links to.

Upgrading to Win 10 on top of a previous version is taking a very big risk that things go haywire. And it is not at all sure that rolling back will go well, contrary to what MS have us believe. Now let’s be clear; I actually _LIKE_ Win10, and I have no real problem with it.

But you could still try to use your old Windows 7 / 8 product key to activate Windows 10, in case the automatic activation failed. it converts it to a 10 key and you can use it on the same pc forever.

April 2020 Update (Kb : Bsod, Deleted/moved Files

I’m glad I upgraded, especially since this PC came with Win8. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading a Win7 PC to Win10.