Create interactive virtual tours 360 ° of the easiest and most enjoyable way: 360 views (panoramic), 360 videos, embedded sounds, videos and photos, floor plans and fully customizable frames. Tell real stories begin with multifunctional clickable objects Hotspots and discover your audience to walk the route. New 3D transition effects and unique features like animated Panorama, Panorama Live (day to night effect), adaptive and video HDR 360 with active areas on top.

Powerful access points
Access points are the essence of a virtual tour. Allow your audience to click on objects and discover information and details within the scene. Choose from our large library of icons, import your own images or highlight objects in their panoramic to function as clickable hotspots. The actions you can assign to an access point are many: open a pop image, a 3D model, open a window purchase, a window multifaceted information, a website, downloading a file or playing audio, video (Video 360 and normal) video)
animated Panorama
Imagine that you can click on a person within a scene to begin to move and speak. That’s what a lively scene. Lighter than the full 360 ° but more alive than fixed panoramas, videos animated panoramas are the best way to inform your audience. Unlike display an information window, the item itself, either a person or, for example, a production line begins to move into the picture by clicking to explain or demonstrate from within. Or you could light a fire or cause the oven pan begins to smoke to create an environment.
Panoramic Live
Captures the true spirit of a place. A Live Panorama combines several scenarios taken place at different times to create a 360 – degree interactive show timelapse. The result is impressive: while you look, you see how the landscape changes and evolves slowly.
3D transition effect
Animated 3D between “stops” transitions will give a natural impression of movement that can learn from scans and 3D models. Instead of jumping from one place to another, this technology will make you feel as if you really movieras to the next position. Everything from pure photography.
Video 360 ° including live hotspots
360 ° stage, but moving! As with the panoramas, you can place access points in their 360 videos to explain or highlight things in the scene. Those things are moving? No problem hotspots video 360 can be dynamic to move, appear, disappear and resize the object.
Adaptive HDR Panorama
We HDR dynamic. Inspired by the behavior of the human eye, which dynamically adapts to light and darkness by adjusting the iris, we make panoramas suit. This means that, depending on the area of the picture that the user is looking, light and exposure are adjusted accordingly. A great feature, exclusive 3DVista to make HDR look more real.
VR ready
3DVista Virtual Tours are compatible with VR, which means that you can see in “standard 360” and virtual reality. With the press of a button, your audience will change from one mode to another.
RV compatible stereoscopic panoramic
VT PRO is one of only 360 suppliers that supports real 3D. Import your panoramas or stereoscopic 3D representations and create a 360 – degree interactive virtual tour Stereoscopic that outperforms everything else in realism. The difference from mono to stereo will blow your mind and allow you to create your own real – world game.
Password Protection
Control access and protect the privacy of its customers through a password to protect your travels. If you are using the 3DVista Hosting service, you have the option to set a general password for a tour, your audience needs to know to access the course.
Photo Albums
Use virtual tours in combination with its high – quality fixed photograph. Photo albums complement a virtual tour, like a catalog. Your audience will always love going through the “beautiful corners” of the house.
intuitive interface
With the viewer prominently in the center of the screen, will work on real images. Drag and drop items such as access points at the big picture and edit them using the control panel on the right side. Categorized menu tabs at the top indicate the location of each individual function and determine the controls that are displayed in the control panel on the right. The preview feature allows you to instantly verify your changes and Undo / Redo buttons make it a joy to experience.
Brand and embed
Mark your travels with your logo, corporate colors, picture in your head or contact information to maximize contacts and advertising.
Optimized for all devices
Tours created with VT PRO are always and automatically compatible with all devices, PC, Mac, tablets, iOS and Android phones, without the need to install any drivers or special software. But there’s more. Thanks to the flexibility of our mask editor, you can create masks that fit the size and resolution of the user’s screen. In addition, the visit will take place from which device is opening and will use the means optimized quality and frame rate to ensure a flawless and fast charging experience.