Save your data is paramount if you think your data has any meaning. A computer or a disk can fail, data may accidentally destroyed, a computer can be stolen or destroyed by fire.
Whether personal or professional, some data is irreplaceable and will never be possible to reconstruct if lost: pictures of a particular event, documents created by you, etc.
Tri-BACKUP allows you to protect your data from a single copy on an external disk to a set of actions to back up in different ways you can save in different locations for maximum security (including online backup).

Tri-BACKUP, has all the tools to easily configure your backups and monitor proper implementation. With all its many possibilities, you can create a system backup exactly right for you.

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Copy your disk: create a bootable copy of your disk regularly and automatically updated. You can restart from the copy at any time and recover all your data and applications in their usual environment.
This feature is also useful to change your startup disk or to duplicate an environment on multiple machines.
Clean Mac: put your Mac in good condition using a clean copy of your startup disk. You can restart the copy directly from clean or restore your internal disk.
Save your data: Tri-BACKUP automatically copy your files regularly in one or more internal or external drives on another machine, network, FTP server, etc.
You can multiply your backups to increase the security of your data.
Data Recovery: if you lose your data, backups will be much more effective than any data recovery software. Think backup with Tri-BACKUP.
Transfer your data: synchronize multiple machines, share files and group documents by multiple users through a local network or through external drives, and can even use systems like Dropbox updated by Tri-BACKUP.
Automate your backups: let your backups run automatically in the background without disturbing or slowing the use of your machine.
Programmed actions can be activated at the time and frequency you choose, or can be run automatically when a disc is connected or when exiting an application.
Compare and control: the immediate action of Tri-BACKUP compares the contents of two folders and you can control exactly what to copy, synchronize or delete.
Poll: Examine the contents of a folder or disk to detect and warn any changes or execute an action.
Copy and organize: copy the contents of a folder distributing the files in subfolders after its date and extension.

New features:

– New action programmed “Copy and organize”.
– New Poll scheduled action (to survey whether the contents of a folder or volume changes).
– New access to view the number of versions of each file saved in Evolutive Backup.
– New filter extension to copy only files based on extensions (copy only image, video, audio … files).
– New “Add to Favorites” to filter faster and launch your favorite stocks.
– Reports the number of excluded by filters during the execution of the action elements.
– New option to suspend activity in the Before / After operations.
– Many new to better monitor and control your Mac and your backup options.
– Many improvements.
– More controls and information on the Scheduler menu.
– etc.

– Several minor improvements and interface changes.
– an issue that some valid serial numbers could not be accepted were corrected.
– Several small corrections.


– Several minor improvements and interface changes.
– An error was corrected on the link to download the updates (it was downloading version 8).
– an issue which some Preference settings could not be updated properly corrected.
– Several small corrections.