ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) – one of the most successful roguelike games ever created

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery) is one of the most successful roguelike games ever created, with a brilliant combination of history, RPG, exploration and intensely strategic and flexible combat. Steam Deluxe version adds several features like achievements, customizing difficulty level and multiple game modes (for example, a story mode that allows saving and restoring games, a game weekly challenge, scan mode and more). ADOM has been in development since 1994. In 2012, its development was revitalized with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo extremely successful, which now allows us to offer ADOM with ASCII and graphics modes that let you choose freely.

ADOM is known mainly for being the first roguelike including vibrant cities, NPC dialogs and missions, but offers more than just a rich history in a complex fantasy world:

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  • A huge game world with hundreds of places like cities, random dungeons, elemental temples, cemeteries, ancient ruins, towers and other secrets.
  • lots of races (dwarves, drakelings, elves fog, arches, orcs, trolls, rattles and many others) and even more classes (fighters, elementalists, murderers, gentlemen chaos, dueling and much more) that allow infinite styles of play
  • hundreds of monsters and items, many with random characteristics improved
  • a system of corruption that forces you to balance the lust for power with the fear of damnation (the corruptions slowly transform you into a vile monster, but also provide benefits inhuman, most of the time)
  • spells, prayers, Mindcraft, alchemy, processing and
  • Dozens of missions and lines of branched history.
  • Numerous completely different endings that can alter reality itself (Chaos simply drives away or kills a god or even you become an immortal, and others)!
  • several game modes (Story Mode to load and save games, challenge mode peculiar to face weekly challenges, scan mode for free wand wish and more)
  • several personalization options (off hunger, stop corruption, change the difficulty of the monsters or treasures rates)

ON MYSTERY former dominions
Deep in the mountain ranges of the Drakalor Chain, Chaos has made its way into Ancardia and up to you to decide the fate of the entire kingdom. You control a single character with a diverse set of skills, talents, spells and other abilities. Customized team makes every combination of race / class is a very different experience. Explore an underground world mostly random, fighting monsters, loot treasures and discover the many secrets lurking in the world of Ancardia.
Join a generation of players playing a remastered version of the classic rogue!
With a review of the graphics, music, new races and playable classes, over 400 monsters, tens of thousands of items, crafts, magic, religion, corruption, random dungeons and more, this updated version is one of the most interesting. Roguelikes depth on the planet.
Then join us when we return to Ancardia and choose your destination.


Adom Steam Adom takes the gameplay to the next level by introducing the following features (among others):

  • More than 70 achievements,
  • game customization features (for example, disable corruption, increase rates treasures adjusting the lethality of monsters)
  • creating ghosts and exchange between players: is beset by dead player characters and try to win their treasures,
  • Story mode: saves and reloads your games,
  • Scan mode: uses a wand wish to discover completely new aspects of the game,
  • Challenge mode: Try to get the highest score in complex conditions in games weekly challenge.
  • shared and global higher scores,
  • generation of characters based on points,
  • selection of star sign,
  • and much more.

Is ADOM a full game? Yes, a very complete game. A multitude of finishes, varied approaches to the game, thousands of initial combinations and a history full of infinite details make it an extremely satisfying experience that positions ADOM as one of the five great fundamental roguelike games.
Is ADOM a finished game? No. While there is interest in the game will continue to evolve and improve it . In this sense, ADOM differs from many other games on Steam in the best tradition of classic roguelike: continue to add improvements to the user interface and new content to the main game to make it the most complete RPG of all time. Buy once, play forever!

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Size: 526.59 MB