ADSR Sample Manager - v1.2 - Free Download

The optimal starting point for every production session, ADSR Sample Manager makes organizing, finding and auditioning samples refreshingly simple.

ADSR Sample Manager 1.2.0 Release Notes


– Standalone version of plugin.
– Updated UI.
– Added Key detection from filename, and filtering by Key.
– Added Saved Searches.
– Added Recent Files list.
– Added automatic refreshing of Libraries and file system watching for changes whilst plugin is open.
– Added popover for sample name, Library and Folder tags.
– Added text tags.
– Added automatic Rendered Files library if user picks a custom location.
– Added filter by sample’s folder/library context menu items.
– Show number of samples in sample list.
– Allow click on path to open source in library info popup.
– Allow adding of more than one folder when adding a library (macOS only, standard multiselect mechanism).
– Automatically transpose samples to target key.
– Transpose samples by a fixed amount.
– Sample BPM restored from project state.
– Add libraries by dropping folder(s) onto the UI.
– Zero latency playback.
– Loop and One-shot “tags” in search bar when filtering.
– Added option to reset/rescan key information.
– Show overall analysis progress.


– Show full sample list when removing last favourite and showing favourites.
– Sort folders in location panel.
– Apply the tags from original file to rendered file.
– Fixed crash when a MIDI event occurs at the same time as changing a sound.
– Fix sample list resetting to top of list in certain circumstances.
– Scroll tag list to position of newly added tag.
– Sort arrows now sort ascending on first click.
– Improved random sample selection to not pick same sample twice in a row.
– Improved sort by BPM to show loops first.
– Improved performance of library folder view.
– Fixed locating multiple missing libraries.
– Attribute filters enabled when no libraries present.
– Sync mode shortcut keys now disabled when sync disabled.
– Crash in Reaper with multiple instances.
– Space bar stops already previewing sample in standalone (assignable in plugin).
– Fixed VST3 reloading in FL Studio.
– Sample playback mode when reloading.
– Crash when closing plugin window with shortcut editor open.
– Occasional crash when cancelling tagging.
– Incorrect tagging percentage reported in Library panel.
– Rescanning whole library for keys.

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