Affinity Publisher - 1.10.4 - Everything you need to create the perfect design, whatever your project.

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Affinity Publishers is the ultramodern expert publishing software that are created by many famous developers from the prestigious Affinity Designers and Affinity Photo applications.

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Customers can use this program to mix your photos, graphics and text for your awesome publishing layouts. It is perfectly compatible with any kind of project such as magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and more.

This software can completely integrate with other Affinity apps, which makes your working process more efficient and professional.

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  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Affinity_Publisher_1.10.4__TNT (725.05 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.10.3_MAS__HCiSO (719.91 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.10.2.1167__TNT (701.30 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.10.1_MAS__HCiSO (655.87 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.9.3__TNT (677.88 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.9.2__TNT (677.89 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.9.2__TNT (677.01 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.9.1_CR2__TNT (676.16 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.9.1__TNT (675.61 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.9.1.967__TNT (675.14 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.9.0.920__TNT (683.32 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.9.0.902__TNT (693.59 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.8.6_MAS__HCiSO (705.13 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.9.0.742__TNT (555.77 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.8.4__TNT (548.53 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.4.663__TNT (547.26 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.4.651__TNT (547.46 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.4.648__TNT (547.27 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.8.3__TNT (547.64 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.3.627__TNT (546.16 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.8.2__TNT (547.56 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.2.619__TNT (546.91 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.2.603__TNT (546.99 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.8.0__TNT (547.69 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.584__TNT (547.42 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.556__TNT (545.98 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.549__TNT (546.17 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.535__TNT (414.53 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.531__TNT (414.47 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.523__TNT (412.12 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.502 (407.85 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.8.0.499 (441.37 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.7.3 (398.87 MB) Affinity_Publisher_Beta_1.7.3.475 (398.76 MB) Affinity_Publisher_1.7.1_TNT_fixed (438.83 MB)