Arturia Buchla Easel V - - define experimental West Coast modular synthesis in the early '70s

The Buchla Easel V is the first recreation of the iconic Don Buchla instrument that helped define the experimental modular synthesis of the West Coast in the early ’70s. Our improvements translate into widely expanded for the sound design and music avant-garde possibilities.

A look at Buchla Easel V and know that this is a different beast. In fact, it makes you think differently about the sound from the beginning, and you can design soundscapes with him are as unique as the matrix of the front panel. To put that experience at your fingertips, meticulously recreated the rare Buchla Music Easel 1973 to the component level. As you expect from our other instruments of the V series, we have made an extra effort designing a set of enhanced features including polyphony, new and innovative sources of modulation / control, step sequencer, effects and more.

The Buchla Easel V faithfully reproduces the Buchla’s Music Easel that helped define the approach to the synthesis of the west coast in experimentation and breaking musical standards. We have applied our award-winning modeling technology TAE ™ from the front panel to the resistors to capture it all with incredible realism.

The complex oscillator design, synthesis of AM and FM combos door / filter only percussion and the many ways to modulate and control almost all parameters let you in the middle of a sonic sandbox. Design and make soundscapes that vibrate, shine, pressed and evolve without touching the keyboard or pad, unless you want to add even more control. About 300 presets sound expert designers let you start timbres ranging from surprisingly beautiful sonorities resonating touches to ear.

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