Autodesk Flame Education - 2020 - Interactive 3D visual effects, finishing, composites, development of appearance and more.

Flame 2020 offers tools for interactive 3D visual effects, finishing, composites, advanced graphics, color gradation, creation, publishing and development of appearance. Flame 2020 offers VFX artists and interactive tools for quick visual effects, 3D publishing completion and composition.

GMask tracer – NEW
Create composites tool based shape spline.
Flame workflow based on context Desktop – NEW
Choose the sets of selection tools to complete the task faster.
3D compositing environment action – NEW
tools allow interactive visual action display.
Procedure batch composition – NEW
Trees and builds custom tailored effects.
Media management, import / export and publication – NEW
Get better media management.
Conform the timeline (improved) – NEW
Make revisions more easily.
Matchbox Camera FX – NEW
Rendering high – performance technology Stingray.

Size: 1.20 GB

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