BatchOutput DOC - 2.5.9 - Automates PDF production and printing from Microsoft Word.

BatchOutput DOC automates PDF production and printing from Microsoft Word. Just add Word files to the BatchOutput DOC list, adjust the settings, and BatchOutput DOC will do the rest for you automatically.

BatchOutput DOC offers the following advanced PDF production options:

  • Print and export multiple Word files to PDF automatically
  • Save pages as single PDF files
  • Variable file names
  • Downsample images to user-defined resolution
  • Specify image compression
  • Apply Quartz filters
  • Encrypt PDF files
  • Specify passwords to restrict copying, printing, and file opening

BatchOutput is also available for Microsoft Excel (BatchOutput XLS), PowerPoint (BatchOutput PPT) and Adobe InDesign (Output Factory).


Version 2.5.9:

  • This version puts an end to the hassles caused by the “Apple Events sandboxing” measure introduced by Apple on macOS Mojave. BatchOutput DOC will now check for the necessary Apple Events authorizations on startup. If authorization to control Word or Finder was previously revoked by accident, BatchOutput will now reset permissions and relaunch itself automatically..


OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor

Size: 10.67 MB