BioShock 2 - 1.3 - Set approximately 10 years after the events of the original BioShock

Mac Platform: Intel
Includes: Pre-K’ed

OS version: 10.9.5
Processor type(s) & speed: 2.0 GHz
RAM minimum: 4 GB
Video RAM: 256 Mb

Single player:


  • The Protector Trials
  • Minerva’s Den

Multi player:


  • Sinclair Solutions Test Pack
  • Rapture Metro Map Pack
  • Kill ‘em Kindly
  • Zigo & Blanche multiplayer characters



  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish – Spain

Change language:


  1. Right click on .app > Show Package Contents
  2. Navigate through /Contents/MacOS/Resources
  3. Open activated.ini with TextEdit
  4. Edit line: Language=

Hidden text:

english, german, french, italian, spanish, czech, polish, brazilian, russian

Special thanks: TNTbilb

Welcome back to Rapture. Paradise reborn.Deep within the ruined undersea city of Rapture, your beloved Little Sister, Eleanor, awaits your return. As her Big Daddy, you protected her from a world of insanely selfish adults, now you must shield her again from those who demand that everything must be shared.

Ten years after the events of BioShock, Rapture has fallen under the control of a collectivist cult who plan to transform Eleanor into a genetically-engineered messiah, who will put an end to individuality forever. To save her, you must deploy a unique combination of shooting, role-play and stealth as you rampage through Rapture’s leaking halls to confront her captors.

Whether you choose to forgive those who threaten Eleanor or wreak vengeance upon them, remember, she is always watching and will follow your example.

* Embark on an intense journey through one of the most disturbing fictional worlds ever created in this hauntingly imaginative sequel to BioShock.
* Become the Big Daddy and unleash the raw power of Rapture’s most feared inhabitant against deadly new enemies such as Brute Splicers and the vengeful Big Sisters.
* Dual wield your abilities: fire powerful weapons with your right hand while deploying gene-altering plasmids with your left.
* Choose whether to adopt Little Sisters and protect them from splicers, or harvest them for the genetic material they carry.
* Explore the sea bed as a Big Daddy and view Rapture’s breathtaking architecture from the outside.
* Engage in all-out civil war online! BioShock 2 contains a completely separate multiplayer game set during the Fall of Rapture.

* Processor: 2.0Ghz
* OS: Mac OS X 10.7.2
* RAM: 4.0 GB
* Free Space: 10.0 GB
* Graphics: 256 MB
* Accessories: Multi-Button Mouse
* The following graphics cards are not supported: ATI X1xxx series, ATI HD2xxx series, NVIDIA 9400, NVIDIA 7xxx series and Intel GMA series. The following cards require you to have 4GB of System RAM: NVIDIA 320M, Intel HD 3000

I was able to launch the game with 10.6.8 on a iMac 10,1 with 4 GB and GeForce 9400 with 256 MB. The game’s info.plist has 10.6.8 for the minimum system requirements and a warning when you launch that it’s not compatible. I don’t expect the game will work 100%. But it works enough to play so far.


  • CAN NOT DOWNLOAD: Some probably encounter the following error: This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. In this case, please use Google DNS and you will get rid of trouble.
  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Size: 11.47 GB