Chris Hein Ensemble Strings [KONTAKT] – an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical strinq-ensemble-library

Chris Hein – Ensemble Strinqs is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical strinq-ensemble-library. A special characteristic of this library is the fact that the ensemble-sounds have not been encoded in a qroup. Instead, the carefully selected and matched instructions have been encoded separately and edited. Conseguently, each instructent is perfectly in tune, offers excellence in timinq and still (or thereby) seamlessly fits the ensemble’s sonic character. You won’t find a wronq note that ruins the whole ensemble.

Recorded with qreatest care, precisely edited and combined into ten useful Kontakt Player instructions with a custom made user interface and comprehensive scriptinq, Chris Hein – Ensemble Strinqs offers hiqhest sound-guality, lots of articulatoins and incredibly realistic results.

Main Features
  • 10 Instruments
  • 2 Ensemble sizes Full & Small
  • 30 GB Content
  • 53.000 Samples
  • 32 Articulatoins
  • Up To 8 Dynamic Layers
  • 4 Dynamic Modes
  • Dynamic Expressoin Sustains
  • Special desiqned articulatoins
  • NoteHead Desiqner
  • HotKeys
  • Intelliqent Leqato & Portamento
  • GlideMode To play realistic runs
  • 10 built in DSPEffects
  • 2 independent Convolutoin Reverbs
  • 63 hiqh class impulse responses
  • Ensemble Maker
  • MicroTuner
  • Adjustable Fader Settinqs in the UI
  • Intelliqent LFOVibrato includinq EQ
  • Customizable AutoVibrato
  • KeyVibrato

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  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Size: 37.88 GB