Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra - 10.0.2509 - Adjust and edit photos in one application

When it comes to memorable photos that are different from the others, nothing better than PhotoDirector. Find out how PhotoDirector million followers are becoming the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Templates Express packages (NEW!)
Packages Express layers contain all components of layer forming complex images. They are not only an easy way to gather amazing pictures, but also help to show how the layers combine to produce photographic effects.

Creativity Powered by AI (NEW!)
We have trained our Style Engine AI to analyze images in detail and identify different aspects of each shot. Then intelligently applies brush strokes that make your shots look like they were designed and painted by a master artist.

Photo presets by clicking
Create stunning photos with creative presets including HDR, divided black and white tones and presets designed specifically for portraits and landscapes.

Keystone correction with a single click (NEW!)
Intelligently Correct the perspective of the image so that objects appear flat on the horizon.

Incredible multi-exposure shots
Easily remove a series of photos from a video clip and convert multiple exposure images incredibly creative with one click.
Create amazing moving and cinemagraphs frames from videos. A moving scene frozen in time.

Vibrant Motion Stills ™ (UNIQUE!)
Brush the sections of a video clip to hold the movement only in that area. Other parts of your photo will appear frozen in time.
Taking group shots each time you use the video.

Changing Face video photo (UNIQUE!)
Instantly create perfect group photos from video clips. Make sure everyone is smiling and all eyes are open.

Small planets 360˚
Turn your photos into his own world in just a few clicks with the new Little Planet function.

Panoramic views from 360 shots.
Create panoramic images it has never been easier. With an image of 360 and PhotoDirector, create artistic panoramic shots in no time.

Straighten Photos 360º (UNIQUE!)
Make sure your photos are perfect 360. Flatten them to eliminate distortions on the horizon and get perfect shots every time.

Facial beautification and people
‘s extensive collection of easy touch – up tools to use in the new professional PhotoDirector facilitates removal of imperfections of his portraits, selfies and group shots.

Sharper images. Better clarity.
Eliminates the mist, fog and smog to reveal clean, crisp landscapes with intuitive slider Dehaze.

Archery cable (NEW!)
The tethered shooting let you get the perfect shot in less attempts. Every shot you take is instantly ready to view on your monitor so you can quickly identify and solve problems focusing, lighting and composition.

Soft test (NEW!)
With proof of evidence, can save even more time by allowing you view a simulated printer output on your monitor with a warning range. Anticipate and correct any problems that may arise when you print your job.

Advanced Editing layers (IMPROVED!)
Editing layers provides the flexibility to create compositions unique images by combining images, text and graphics. With a combination of blending modes and masks, the creative possibilities are virtually endless.

– Modes of creative fusion
– Apply clipping mask (NEW!)
– Using Adjustment Layers (NEW!)
– Capas Group (NEW!)
– Layer Mask (NEW!)
– Editing advanced text layers (NEW!)

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