Dark Mode for Safari 1.9.6

Dark mode makes your browser more comfortable, pleasant and fresh by changing the color scheme to make webpages easier to read. It works especially well for people who work at night or in low light or when you want to match your browser with the new look of dark Mojave mode.

• Once you activate the extension, all websites will show a darker theme. You can start the extension manually, you can schedule or automatically activate (when the dark mode is active Mojave Moos)
• Simply press the button on the toolbar and you can change the subject to a softer or mono subject.
• You can disable the theme for any site or dark mode apply only in places

• An extension of simple and powerful Safari.
• Choose from 3 topics: Dark, Soft Dark or Mono
• Multiple ways to activate the extension: manually, schedule for your night hours preferred or when the dark mode Moos Mojave is on
• You can ignore any site or you can apply the dark mode only in some websites


Size: 6.94 MB

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