Downie - 4.3.7 - Download media from the web.

Download Mac Downie v4.3.7 Fully Cracked – FREE!

Downie is a minimal download manager that allows customers to speedily download clips from a variety of websites to your disk drive.

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The poor internet connection makes your video visualization work improperly due to the slowly loaded content. This Mac app allows customers to download these videos to your disk drive, and you can view them later through your default media player.

New in Downie 4

  • UI Redesign – the UI has been redesigned with more options at hand, while not cluttering the UI.
  • Menu Bar Control – control the app from the menu bar – without the need for the Dock icon.
  • Customizations – custom postprocessing using your own shell script, custom file name formatting, and much more.
  • Improved Speed – YouTube videos load up to 6 times faster with Downie 4 when compared to Downie 3!
  • Metadata Improvements – the metadata that Downie gathers can be written into an external JSON file for further custom processing.
  • Improved User-Guided Extraction – the UGE window now has history, allows saving favorites and much more.
  • … and much more! – many minor improvements, like custom naming schemes, option to force MP4 downloads, better cancellation, priority flags, etc…

For More Info:

  • CAN NOT DOWNLOAD: Some probably encounter the following error: This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. In this case, please use Google DNS and you will get rid of trouble.
  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Downie_4_4.3.7__TNT (51.09 MB) Downie_4_4.3.4__TNT (50.91 MB) Downie_4_v4.3.3__TNT (50.90 MB) Downie_4.3.2__TNT (50.60 MB) Downie_4_4.3__TNT (50.52 MB) Downie_4_4.2.10__TNT (50.45 MB) Downie_4_4.2.9__TNT (50.47 MB) Downie_4.2.7__HCiSO (47.16 MB) Downie_4_4.2.6__TNT (50.40 MB) Downie_4_4.2.4__4240___TNT (50.34 MB) Downie_4_4.2.3__TNT (50.52 MB) Downie_4_4.2.2__TNT (50.51 MB) Downie_4_4.2.1_4232__TNT (50.27 MB) Downie_4_4.2.1__4231___TNT (50.27 MB) Downie_4_4.2.1.4230__TNT (50.35 MB) Downie_4_4.2.1__TNT (50.35 MB) Downie_4_4.2_CR2__TNT (50.32 MB) Downie_4_4.2__TNT (50.32 MB) Downie_4_4.1.20_4221__TNT (50.29 MB) Downie_4_4.1.18__TNT (50.27 MB) Downie_4_4.1.16__TNT (50.27 MB) Downie_4_4.1.15__TNT (50.13 MB) Downie_4_4.1.14__TNT (50.58 MB) Downie_4_4.1.13__TNT (50.63 MB) Downie_4_4.1.12__TNT (50.57 MB) Downie_4.1.8__HCiSO (47.45 MB) Downie_4_4.1.7__TNT (42.61 MB) Downie_4_4.1.6__TNT (42.61 MB) Downie_4_4.1.5__TNT (42.60 MB) Downie_4_4.1.4__TNT (42.54 MB) Downie_4_4.1.3__TNT (42.53 MB) Downie_4_4.1.2_[TNT] (42.50 MB) Downie_4_4.1.1_4143__TNT (42.50 MB) Downie_4_4.1.1__TNT (42.50 MB) Downie_4_4.1__TNT (42.47 MB) Downie_4_4.0.17__TNT (42.46 MB) Downie_4_4.0.16__TNT (42.41 MB) Downie_4_4.0.15__TNT (42.32 MB) Downie_4.0.14__HCiSO (38.55 MB) Downie_4_4.0.13__TNT (42.31 MB) Downie_4.0.12__HCiSO (38.55 MB) Downie_4_4.0.11__TNT (42.30 MB) Downie_4_4.0.10__TNT (42.32 MB) Downie_4_4.0.9__TNT (41.45 MB) Downie_4_4.0.8__TNT (42.50 MB) Downie_4_4.0.7__TNT (42.53 MB) Downie_4.0.6__HCiSO (38.54 MB) Downie_4_4.0.5__TNT (43.22 MB) Downie_4.0.4__HCiSO (39.09 MB) Downie_4.0.3__HCiSO (39.07 MB) Downie_4.0.2.4069__HCiSO (39.03 MB) Downie_4_4.0.2__TNT (43.10 MB) Downie_4_4.0.1__TNT (43.07 MB) Downie_4.0__HCiSO (39.08 MB)