Dropshare - 5.0.3 - Secure file-sharing tool.

Dropshare is your very own secure file sharing tool. Dropshare is a menu bar app that enables you to drag & drop upload files,screenshots and even directories to your own server to share them with anyone you like. No longer have your shared files on servers provided by companies you don’t even know – easily set up Dropshare and share whatever file you like by only drag&dropping it on the menubar icon, securely saved on your own server. To have Dropshare working correctly, you have to have a server of your choice and a working SSH user account at your disposal. Dropshare works with Secure Copy (SCP over SSH), therefore either a password (for keyboard authentication) or a private key (for public key authentication) is required.



  • Easy file sharing with your own server
  • Login (SCP over SSH) via password (keyboard authentication) or private key (public key authentication)
  • Uploads every file and even directories (which will be compressed prior uploading)
  • Optionally automatically uploads screenshots taken with OS X and copies the sharing URL to your clipboard
  • History of recent uploads including preview images in the drop down menu



Version 5.1:

New Features:

  • Introducing WeTransfer – upload files up to 2GB for free with WeTransfer and Dropshare
  • Introducing Handoff – easily capture and upload photos and multi-page documents with your iOS device
  • Introducing options for automated deployment – installing Dropshare on multiple Macs automatically is now easier
  • Introducing support for promised files – Dropshare can now deal with file promises, e.g. with screenshots taken with the new macOS screenshot utility

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixing a crash with voice recording for screen recordings
  • Fixing a crash when trying to annotate screenshots with an app not installed
  • When uploading folders as archives, Dropshare is now responsive during the archive creation



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later

  Version: 5.0.3 Size: 36.45 MB

  Version: 5.0.3 Size: 16.91 MB

  Version: 5.0.2 Size: 17.73 MB