EOSHD Pro Color V4.0 HDR

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Critically acclaimed, EOSHD Pro Color gives you cinematic straight-out-of-camera image quality, improved in all shooting situations.


New for this version is a second profile – Pro Color HDR – which increases dynamic range in the highlights by as much as 2 stops. No grading is required on either profile.

All the previous advantages of EOSHD Pro Color look better than ever on the A7 III thanks to Sony’s new 14bit sensor and full pixel readout.

The image issues fixed by EOSHD Pro Color on previous Sony cameras are still needed on the new models. All features are carried over from before:

  • Skintones, faces and people given a more flattering treatment
  • Reduced colour clipping (prevents luminous blues burning out to neon green)
  • Maximum colour fidelity and dynamic range with EOSHD Pro Color HDR
  • Truer, deeper reds and warm tones
  • Greater separation of green hues for richer looking landscapes
  • Greater separation of blue hues for better skies and deeper cool tones under artificial light
  • Makes the camera better in mixed lighting situations, with better look to both warm AND cool light in one shot
  • Smoother and more film-like roll off to highlights and shadows
  • Confidence on a shoot you have expertly set colour with no unpleasant surprises
  • Works with 4K and 1080p video
  • Works with JPEG photos
Size: 2.56 MB

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