F9 Audio F9 Trax Los Angeles – For Logic Pro X

Name: F9 Trax Los Angeles

Requirements: Logic X (all versions)

Web Site: http://www.loopmasters.com//products/6378-F9-Trax-Los-Angeles-Vol-1

Los Angeles is the one city that has dominated the world’s airwaves and streaming charts in the last 10 years. It is home to the largest collection of Hot 100 Producers, writers, mixers & artists in the world and has pushed forward contemporary music with it’s unique ability to mix underground and overground seamlessly.

TRAX Los Angeles is Volume 1 of a series of TRAX releases dedicated to bringing you the sounds, techniques and music from the chart dominating creatives working out of the City of Angels.

5 Entire DAW project pages show you exactly how modern records are pieced together and are ready for you to tear down and build into your own composition. A full set of session notes is available on every page showing you how we’ve achieved the production sonically and musically and every trick is there for you to investigate and learn from.

Over 110 Multi-sampled instruments and sound menus are used in this release with full instructions on how to add these instruments into your own library. On this release the sound library tops 3.5 Gb ( unzipped ) and includes Pop and reverb drenched pianos, tons of Multi-sampled analog, Classic & upfront Digital synths alongside some exceptional drum menus.

Our new Zenith 808 and 606 & Microbrute kits are included featuring a minimum of 8 way Round-Robin sampling and Analog Parallel processing on the way in. As always everything has been sampled with a gold standard recording chain including API Pre amps, Neve 1081 and 1057 EQs, SSL Xrack EQ + Dynamics, GML 8900 + 8200 Dynamics + EQ.

Like all TRAX releases this pack needs No 3rd Party Plugins to operate. See how good your DAW can sound when it’s fed the right material.

Future Retro techniques are heavily used in LA and new additions to the studio at F9 are in full effect on this release. The classic reverb tails of an original Lexicon 224 can be heard on many of the drum and FX menus and more than 50% of the drum content has been processed and warned up by pushing into an original ex-BBC Studer A80 mastering tape machine ( Brand new 911 tape used ).

TRAX releases speak for themselves and the exceptional feedback from users at every single level from hobbyists to the worlds finest producers, writers and artists means we know just how important these releases are – We are now dedicated to pushing soundware forward and getting you the hottest sounds and techniques right inside your own DAW.

As always with TRAX – This product is not suitable for the creation of Library music.
This release requires any version of Logic X. It is not compatible Logic 9

Logic X ( all versions ):
– 5 Entire DAW projects
– Full session notes for each page
– 1 Blank writing template
– 3.5Gb Sound library
– 135 EXS24 channel strip settings
– 35 Drum menus
– 3 Zenith 808 606 and Microbrute Kits
– 15 Bass Strips
– 18 Poly Synth Strips
– 9 Key Strips
– 15 Synth Strips
– 7 Mallet Strips
– 7 Pluck Strips
– 10 Vocal Strips
– 8 FX Strips
– 331 WAV Drum sounds
– Full PDF manual

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  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Size: 1.20 GB