The complete set of color management tools for the era of digital cinema.

FirePlay is a tool color and high quality reproduction that can handle almost any format camera and provides professional color graduation. It is the starting point for a powerful workflow that leads the assembly to final assembly. It will quickly become an indispensable part of their professional toolbox.

Available in two editions: use the free version to preview files and make artistic choices classification color. Upgrade to FirePlay Live previews for color grading live and export their CDL and LUT for use in the publication.

FireDay is available in two versions: Standard Edition is a powerful tool to color digital newspapers for DP and DIT that provides backup, primary color correction and secondary education and basic rendering capabilities. FireDay Studio adds support space most powerful color, audio sync and rendering multiple output versions in many more formats. Either version can support previews qualifying live on a monitor external reference by adding the rating option live.

Management environments more complex color, do not use color tools included in their nonlinear editing software. And do not accept color tools that do not support collaborative workflows. FirePost offers everything you need to fit, qualify and deliver in multiple formats earlier than expected.