FontLab Studio - 5.1.5 (5714) - Create your own fonts or edit existing fonts (was FontLab Studio)

FontLab Studio 5 is our professional font editor next generation Mac and Windows. It used by Adobe, Apple, Bitstream, IBM, Linotype, Microsoft, Monotype, Morisawa and almost all other foundries main sources in the world, is the solution for foundries sources, designers of professional types, typographers and graphic design studios . Design typefaces and create or modify fonts. FontLab Studio 5 supports all major outline font formats, including Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpenType.
Some highlights of this release:
– Design glyph in context with neighborhood groups and form, points tangents true, custom window color and simplified glyphs
– Revolutionary new metrics and kerning editing: multiline preview, better kerning class, intelligent class autogeneration
– Pixelfont support: import BDF files and make pixelfonts, built-in autotracing
– Support Unicode 6.0: Points of SMP code, automatic generation of over 2,500 accented characters from embedded definitions, new images of templates Unicode glyphs (from Monotype Imaging)
– Improved OpenType support with better VOLT integration, roundtrip editing complex script font, font scheme, glyph suffix renaming
– Opens Mac fonts in Windows (Mac Type 1, TrueType GX / AAT) and Ikarus files
– Five new print modes, fonts rapid test system representation
– Open the installed fonts, generate multiple sources in one step
– Redesigned Preferences; Save, open and exchange preference profiles and workspaces UI
Changes and bug fixes in 5.1.5
Mac & Win double platform errors
The preview pane is not updated when navigating through source information sources (worked in 5.0.4)
.nam Unicodes generate a file fails in the last glyph font
The underscore is not supported in the name
Bug display numbering components
Generate instance it makes the character field PFM default font information is empty
MM paste to a single glyph master pasta all teachers, not only the active layer
[FATAL] Compiling Verdana Regular GPOS ‘kern’ function fails (I worked in 5.0.4)
Positions underline and strike (and thickness) are changed in export OTF
Subroutinización nesting problem CFF can cause rendering problems in some sources glyph
Schemes disappearance of a teacher MM sources
Hinting erroneous suggestions TT Options> Zones and the upper can not be changed after being set
Problems with the Windows context menu of indicators
Blue indicators kerning class not visible in the Kerning Table of Metrics window
Offsetting metric applies only to base component composite glyphs
The sections “Digital Signature” and “Tracking Options” box disappear “Preferences” dialog (Options) after performing “Reset
Options Defaults “
The inclination in the Actions dialog does not work with decimal (fractional values)
OTF only: the export of the “name” table loses ASCII characters, the table OS / 2 inserts default values ​​for blanks,
Add -Regular auto-generated PS FontName and full name
Using the tab key between fields metric window disables editing glyphs later
Paste scales EPS inconsistently
Changing component does not work in the dialog box Generate glyphs
Attempt to generate a font that contains glyphs 65536 blockage causes rather than warning
Sometimes hidden classes are removed during rearrangement
Mac only problems
Create non-editable source auto-set date to current date / time in OS X 10.9+
Printing fails in OS X 10.9+ (memory error)
Copy dialog box information source: missing buttons Select All / None
Underlining and the digits are not allowed in the name PostScript
The menus disappear if the user chooses a workspace with a non-ASCII character; You must be restarted with Control pressed to fix
rasterizers wrong type of Hinting at Hinting
The application of any saved workspace using the Window> Workspace menu moves all toolbars

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