Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle - - amazing audio plugins maded by Goodhertz company

Goodhertz is an audio software company, founded in early 2014. We are based in Southern California, and have offices in Vermont and Seoul. We believe audio plugins should sound amazing, and should be easy to use. We specialize in making the best audio plugins.

CanOpener Studio

Conjure speakers from your headphones.

Vulf Compressor

Beastly compression by Vulf.

Tone Control

Timeless EQ, taken back to the future.

Trem Control

Classic tremolo for the 21st century.


Realtime lossy compression; digital artifacts to taste.


Filter sweeps: lo, hi, & anywhere in between.


New directions in panning.

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What’s New in Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle

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Size: 204 MB

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