Impact Soundworks Peak Rider 2 - v2.1.6 - Peak Rider 2 is a supremely powerful dynamics plugin in VST, AU, AAX


Peak Rider 2 is a supremely powerful dynamics plugin in VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats. Unlike any other kind of dynamics processor, Peak Rider 2 is like a whole arsenal of FX and mix plugins combined into one, with a totally new approach to handling any kind of audio material.

At its heart, Peak Rider 2 uses three detection modes to analyzes a sidechain signal and creates a smooth, continuous ‘envelope’ from it. This envelope can be split into stereo or frequency bands, EQed, and used to control your main input with 5 unique processing modes. The sidechain can be anything at all, and PR2 can even generate its own signal using a built-in synth.

Whether PR2 uses boost or attenuation totally depends on the sidechain and input material, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Here are just a few uses:

-Make huge boosts and cuts without affecting volume or loudness.

-Use a drum track’s own envelope and adjust it, effectively becoming a very powerful multiband transient designer.

-Match the peaks of a rhythmic track to a static synth, creating an all-new part full of life and motion.

-Level the volume of an unruly vocal by matching it to a set volume.

-Saturate and distort any instrument without losing any dynamics at all.

-Seamlessly remove mic bleed from a noisy isolated track.




Size: 41.98 MB

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