Island LUT Pack - 1.0 - for Final Cut Pro

Building on the Island Preset Pack for Lightroom, I have created this LUT pack for you to use on your video footage. These LUTs were designed to be used on more tropical colored footage, but can still be used on any footage you want. Remember that not all LUTs will look great with all your footage. As with any LUT or Preset, you should use the one that complaints the colors and tones of your footage best. Also, use the “Mix” slider for adjusting the intensity of the LUT to get the desired effect.

I use Final Cut Pro, but you can use these LUTs in any video editing software.

Installation Instructions for Final Cut Pro 10.4.+

1. Unzip the “DeathByVlog Island LUT”

2. Save the “Island LUT Pack” folder anywhere on your computer.

3. In Final Cut Pro 10.4.+ select your clip you want to apply the LUT to.

4. In the Effects Browser select Color and double click Custom LUT while your clip is highlighted, or drag and drop the “Custom LUT” effect onto your clip.

5. In the Inspector window, under the Custom LUT panel, select “Choose Custom LUT” from the dropdown.

6. This will open a window where you can find the folder on your computer and choose the LUT you want to use for the clip.

7. Once you select your LUT, use the “Mix” slider to adjust the intensity of the LUT

Before & After

Size: 4.22 MB

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