Lungo - 1.5.1 - Prevent your Mac from sleeping.

Lungo prevents your Mac from falling asleep and your screen from dimming.

Lungo can be useful when:

  • Doing a presentation at work
  • Watching YouTube videos in non-fullscreen mode
  • Reading a long article without scrolling
  • Cooking and having the recipe open on your computer
  • Using the screen to view live stats
  • Monitoring progress on a long running task


Version 1.5.1:

  • Lungo was accidentally toggled when Command-dragging its menu bar icon.
  • The “Activate with left-click” checkbox on the welcome screen did not activate the actual preference until Lungo was restarted.
  • Option-clicking the menu bar icon as an alternative to right-clicking did not work.
  • The “Dim Icon When Deactivated” preference was not working when you deactivated Lungo by clicking “Deactivate” in the menu. It only worked when you clicked the menu bar icon.


macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor

  • Mac users may face variety of errors and Can not run the downloaded Apps at normal. Basically, that Disable GateKeeper would help to get rid of troubles. Otherwise, take a look on this article to address your cases for further solutions.
Size: 12.31 MB

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