Lynda – SketchUp 2019 Essential Training – Free Download

Download and get FREE SketchUp 2019 Essential Training, a premium course from Lynda.

Official page:

SketchUp 2019 Essential Training has just released by a few days ago to help you to Build your 3D modeling skills by mastering the basics of SketchUp.

The course covers the following topic:

  • Topic 1: Navigating the interface for Mac and Windows
  • Topic 2: Customizing toolbars
  • Topic 3: Selecting and moving objects
  • Topic 4: Drawing lines and shapes
  • Topic 5: Modeling from a floor plan image
  • Topic 6: Resizing and rotating objects
  • Topic 7: Using organizational tools
  • Topic 8: Working with components
  • Topic 9: Creating and applying materials
  • Topic 10: Animating and exporting your drawings


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