MacClean - 3.4.0 (20180928) - Clean, optimize, and protect from malicious threats.

MacClean 3, a utility for Mac very easy to use
MacClean 3 deals starting a new series of spring cleaning on your Mac with great technology and services. It is the best tool that always makes cleaning your Mac as the first priority. We offer quick and easy solution to clean junk files and improve performance.

Libera more free space for your Mac without deleting the important
Have you ever met the situation that the hard drive of your Mac is almost full? MacClean helps you free up more space on your Mac and just need when you do this work. Needless to eliminate various types of trash one by one, here garbage Cleaning option offers complete cleaning of all rubbish. You can maximize your space on your hard disk to store more of your photos, favorite videos, install more games, favorite applications. You are in charge of the performance of your Mac with trash cleanup.

Guarantees the confidentiality of your online browsing
Most of us always we neglect the traces Internet navigation, is now very dangerous. Internet Cleanup deletes all cookies, caches, sessions, history, saved passwords, etc. in your Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera so all your internet browsing remains confidential and your identity remains anonymous. With MacClean, the Mac is protected against online threats.

Always give your Mac with absolute security protection
Cookies play a good role when they remember their IDs and save your time repetitive logins. However, as small text data unencrypted, they are extremely vulnerable to attackers. Which means bad malicious cookies bring to your Mac: lose your disk space, steal your private information, even produces serious threats. MacClean puts an intense and solid protection on his life by cleaning all these malicious cookies and make your Mac always be in a safe environment.

Protect your privacy from prying eyes safe
bet you’re sick to erase the traces of recently used applications, documents and services. Now do not worry about this problem. Cleaning with privacy, you can easily clean up traces of recently used files. Nobody has the right to access your privacy, except for yourself. Whenever other people use your Mac, they will find that your Mac works like new. So you enjoyed your Mac away from prying eyes without risk.

Let your Mac rid of security issues
do not say to security problems! MacClean helps you find all security issues and put them in quarantine. You can select what you want to delete or quedados. There are three ways here: Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. Cleanup security issue protects your Mac against potential threats. Pure option files with potential risks are completely separate to eliminate security threats.

Private to clean and optimize your Mac cleaner
Have you noticed that your Mac is getting slower day? With prolonged use, your Mac is full of useful content and junk files. Well, MacClean offers a simple and ingenious solution to clean the trash and optimize the performance of your Mac. Every little tool has its own function and helps clean the different types of waste. But all tools are fully to run your Mac at peak performance.

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  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
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