Memory Clean 2: Free Up Memory - 1.8 - Utility for purging inactive memory

Memory Clean, simple application to control the memory in your Mac
is an application that you download and we installed in the menu bar on your Mac. And from there we will control all the RAM on your Mac. It will show at all times, and in real time the amount we have free, and therefore the amount that we are using.

Clean Memory shows the active memory that is they are using different applications you have running on your Mac, the memory used by the operating system kernel or different system services (Wired Memory). Inactive memory is the “reservation” system to access recently closed applications that can open at any time, so the burden will be much faster.

And finally free memory itself. At any time we can free up memory for the application it will pull mainly of active and inactive for releasing the maximum possible memory.

Size: 5.89 MB

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