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Bundle of 5 minty, chocolatey Professional Lightroom Mobile presets! 5 variations for the price of 1!

I have included 5 variations for different lighting environments. No matter what though, these look best with pics taken in good, natural lighting.

These presets work with Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile ONLY – NOT Desktop.

  1. Mint Choc 1 – brings out the sage greens and warm caramels and chocolate hues
  2. Mint Choc 2 – Slightly darker version for brightly lit photos
  3. Mint Choc 3 – warmer, paler mints
  4. Mint Choc 4 – cooler mint
  5. Mint Choc 5 – warmer, richer, desat mints

I’m offering these for a limited time low price because I just set up my shop! There’s no catch, these are high quality, premium presets 🙂

Size: 65.14 KB

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