Money (with sync) - 6.6.15 - Manage your personal finances in the most comprehensive manner with Money

Controls the personal finances of the most complete with Money. Keeps track of all your accounts, organizes bills, drafts the budget of income and expenses, and completely controls your personal finances.

With Money, you will have the following options:

1. PREPARE ESTIMATES OF INCOME AND EXPENSES EASILY. Planned revenues and expenditures with the detailed categories and enter information when you actually spend money. Once you analyze the difference between budgeted and actual expenses, you’ll know how to save more money.
2. PAY BILLS ON TIME. A system of reminders and alerts tells you the maturities of the bills to never stop paying the bills.
3. To monitor all accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, etc.). No matter how many accounts you have. Import your bank statements via the OFX file bank and keep it always updated with the simple flick of a finger.
Four.Controlling all the money in time by analyzing reports, charts and diagrams sophisticated.
5. USE advantages offered by the integrated approach. A bill is paid from the bank account automatically change the balance and affect the budget. If you use personal credit card to pay for business trips, you can have separate accounts for personal and business expenses.
6. keep information synchronized with all devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Details Money:

– Income, expenses, transfers between accounts
– Organization bills
– Calendar with all planned expenses, paid or unpaid
– recurring invoices and automatic payment
– Alerts close to the due date or overdue bills
– Additional fields to organize your reports including the beneficiary, description, check number, class (expense commercial personal trips o)
– Photos of proof of payment and comments accompanying voice
– search

– Unlimited number of accounts in one place (current, savings, credit card, etc.)
– Import bank statements (OFX files)
– Automatic classification from previous transactions
– Compatibility with many currencies and automatically update exchange rates
– Reconciliation of accounts (balance and cleared balance)
– History of movements balance

– Frequency of customizing the budget (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.)
– recurring and nonrecurring budgets (different amounts budgeted for each period, if necessary)
– Categories and subcategories
– Multiple budgets
– visual indicators of overspending the budget
– Report of the implementation of the budget
– implementation of budget within each category and overall
– Scheme budgetary trend at the time

– Budgeted / Real
– Cash flow
– Transactions
– Assets / Liabilities
– Projected balance
– Reports accounts, classes, payees, transaction types, etc.

– Auto sync with iCloud (iPad, iPhone, Mac)
– Family Synchronization Bluetooth (iPhone, iPad)
– Fully secure

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