Music Developments Syne - 1.0.9 - The most powerful and flexible modular additive synthesizer.

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Introducing Syne, the most powerful and flexible modular additive synthesizer.

Syne is a new, fully modular additive synthesizer capable of rendering more than 20000 partials on a recent CPU (=powerful) while having full control over each partial (=flexible). This allows making complex sounds that are not possible with other types of synthesis.
  • Cleanest possible analog sound
    There is only one thing better than having a good antialiasing filter: when you don’t need one. Additive synthesis is trivially bandlimited simply by not generating harmonics higher than half the sampling rate. Syne provides the cleanest sound possible, suitable for electronic music.
  • Extreme flexibility
    Create any moving filters that you’d like without limitations of the PCM filter design! Assign any MIDI CC’s, time or automation to any parameters. Set up LFO rate and depth as a function of frequency, so that each partial has its own setting. Use different decay for each partial. Almost anything is possible.
  • Wavetable import
    The wavetables are not just spectral interpolated, but kept in the spectral domain all the time during synthesis. Generate a random wavetable for a single click in the Wave Morpher. In Syne you can use non-harmonic partials in wavetables which is not possible in a wavetable synthesizer.
  • 30+ modules included
    All the modules work on hundreds or thousands of sinusoidal oscillators. This is very different from PCM modular synthesis because it allows effects that are not possible with a PCM signal. Make great sounds with just 3-4 modules! Combine simple waveforms together to create complex sounds. Modules can store presets that you can recall anytime.
  • Preset generation and mutation
    It is possible to generate new presets or mutate existing presets by a percentage, with many options.
  • Simple user interface
    We made the UI as simple as possible. Instead of having hundreds of knobs and junctions for a usual modular synth, using Syne is simple and straightforward. Zooming in is smooth and will show more details. Font size and all colors of the UI are adjustable.
  • Small and efficient
    Additive synthesis is very processor intensive. Calculating each sound sample requires summing hundreds or thousands of oscillators depending on the sound complexity and polyphony. We developed a highly efficient engine capable of rendering 15000 partials on an older processor that supports SSE3, and well over 20000 on a newer processor with AVX2 support.

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