Network Speed Monitor - 2.4.1 - display your current network speed in menu bar

Speed Network Monitor is a simple and easy to use application to show your current network speed in the menu bar, including downloading and uploading data.
When the computer connects to the network, you can view the current speed of network speed Network Monitor.
Speed network monitoring is a useful application for you to monitor and record your income data and results and remains vigilant about what is running on your computer.

Key Features:
01. Place the menu item in place of the left end of the menu bar to other menu items will not fluctuate.
02. automatically display the speed between Mbps and Kbps.
03. Click and choose to change the update interval from 1 second to 10 seconds.
04. choose to change bits per second for bytes per second.
05. Check the actual network speed whether or not the speed reaches network operators promise.
06. know if there are any hidden applications are running to reduce network speed than normal.
07. Keep track of the use of Internet bandwidth so you will know if your internet flow go beyond the limit.
08. Instead of having the speed downlink and side by side, can be selected to bring them one over the other.
09. Instead of a single color, can make the download as green and red uploaded.
10. Add an up arrow and down next to the numbers so you know what upstream and downstream that. You need to select the menu option “show the up and down” first.
11. Add a menu to choose from Mbit / s, kbit / s automobile.
12. Add a menu item to reset “data sent / received data” statistics.

  • CAN NOT DOWNLOAD: Some probably encounter the following error: This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. In this case, please use Google DNS and you will get rid of trouble.
  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Size: 3.66 MB