Photoshop and Lightroom Plugin Bundle 1 Mar 2019 – Free Download


Ultimate Retouch Panel for Adobe Photoshop 3.7.61
AKVIS AirBrush v.6.1
AKVIS ArtSuite v.16.0
AKVIS ArtWork v.11.1
AKVIS Chameleon v.10.2
AKVIS Charcoal v.3.1
AKVIS Coloriage v.11.5
AKVIS Decorator v.6.1
AKVIS Draw v.7.1
AKVIS Enhancer v.16.1
AKVIS Frames v.3.5
AKVIS HDRFactory v.6.1
AKVIS LightShop 6.1
AKVIS Magnifier v.9.6
AKVIS MakeUp 6.0
AKVIS NatureArt v.11.0
AKVIS Neon v.3.1
AKVIS NoiseBuster v.10.3
AKVIS OilPaint v.8.0
AKVIS Pastel v.4.1
AKVIS Points v.4.1
AKVIS Refocus v.8.1
Akvis Retoucher 9.5
AKVIS Sketch v.20.6
AKVIS SmartMask v.10.7
AKVIS Watercolor v.4.0

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 – 32-bit, 64-bit

Works with Photoshop CC 2019

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