Picture Instruments Preset Converter Pro - 1.0.8 - Free Download

Preset Converter is a handy little tool to convert Lightroom presets (.xmp or lrtemplate) in Capture One Styles (.costyle). As Adobe Lightroom and Capture One are fundamentally different RAW converters with different functions and algorithms, we would like to use this manual not only to explain the operation of the software, but also to illustrate the limits of conversion.

The preset converter only converts from Lightroom to Capture One and not the reverse. For many functions in Capture One, we have not found a visual equivalent in Lightroom. Therefore, the decision to work only in one direction is purely technical.

• Wide range of presets for Lightroom that can be used in Capture One
• The presets created by users can be easily transferred and then used in Capture One
• You can convert any number of presets (even simultaneously)
• No need for meticulous recreation, especially for graduation curves
• .xmp or conversion presets. lrtemplate
• Creation of individual styles (.costyle) or stylePacks (.costylepack)

Size: 14.85 MB