Pixologic ZBrush - 2018.1 - 3D paint, texture & sculptor.

Pixologic ZBrush has launched 2018, the latest update of its digital sculpting software standard industry integrating dynamic tessellation system Sculptris Brother product.

Live Boolean
Although full power, boolean systems have historically required much trial and error before finally obtain a satisfactory result. With Live Boolean, artists gain the ability to combine multiple sculptures and see in real time how the resulting mesh will be. Any model can be subtracted from another, regardless of their polygon counts. You can even use Boolean Live with existing systems instances in ZBrush, as NanoMesh and ArrayMesh. While Live Boolean is active, you can even sculpt their models while you preview the Boolean results. All of these options can be combined to provide new workflows exclusive sculpture ZBrush.

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Real – time previewaddition and subtraction between source models, which allows adjustments on the fly.
There is no guesswork as it can dynamically see the final result before committing to the transaction. You can set anywhere on a screen and instantly see that impact on the model. It is 100% interactive, non – destructive and works with any sculpted.

Using Live 3D printing Boolean
Live Boolean is perfect for creating manufacturing models, toy design, product design, collectibles and more. Use any sculpted to create articulated joints, keys for 3D printing or even holes to create molds for production.

Converting your Live Booleans
The Live Boolean function is not only a preview system within ZBrush, but can also convert to real geometry to allow export for use in other applications.
When the time of finalizing a boolean live creation comes, simply click one button and the live Boolean process will become geometry. The structure models change as little as possible, and topology changes will take place only when the source models are connected together. Even with models that are composed of several million polygons, the result can be generated in seconds.

Mesh feature vector displacement
Expand your arsenal Alpha with a new library meshes vector displacement (VDM). It is 3D sculptures used as building blocks that will cut brushes when drawn on the surface of a model. As an example, you can draw a complete nose with nostrils in a single stroke. Or an ear with front and rear sides complete. Or a bent finger, flakes with a high angle or even an open mouth. All this without losing depth or detail.

What is new:
elastic Option for curve mode
liquid for Curve Option mode
Duplication mesh Gizmo equidistantly
Remember drawing size
Remember dynamic mode for drawing size
Geometry Tesemática
New Polygroup by Normals Algorithm
Edge Transformation Drawing Added option to hide the edge transformation
Increased capacity file size import OBJ
Mayor output size 3D Print Hub
New brushes snake hook for Scultpris Pro
option to save the Material default start
quicksaves now be saved to any hard drive
New system activation and license management with support single sign
Create displacement maps from the highest level of subdivision if there are levels of HD geometry.
OBJ Import will not accept information from Vertex Color
Presets added to Decimation Master

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Size: 1.27 GB