Now you have one of the best tricks of Hollywood in your own manga. Mojo quickly provides subtle coloring that is often found in blockbuster films, heating the skin tones of the actors while adding a fresh blue backgrounds and shadows effect. The trick is to keep your talent focused on the treatment of color, and Mojo does with simple sliders that add drama and a soft contrast to any decision. I heat it . Bleach it. Beat him. Mojo makes your footage appears in seconds.

Mojo makes it easy to instantly give your footage the degree of stylized color of a Hollywood blockbuster film. Mojo accentuates skin tones, cooling their funds to their players stand out.
With just a few simple sliders, you can greatly customize the color quality. Check the color balance, contrast and more. Chill, warm or even whiten the color.
tools Mojo skin make it easy to protect and modify skin tones, so that no matter how much you push things in the shadows, the skin of your talent will always look natural