Retrobatch - 1.1 - Batch image processing application

Flexible image processing, batch and supercharged for your Mac. … A batch image processor based on node means you can mix, match and combine different operations to create the perfect workflow. … Converting PSD files to HEIC, JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF.

An image processor based batch means that nodes can mix, merge and combine different operations to create the perfect workflow.
Super load
a node for each operation, from changing DPI to rotation, a machine learning, to custom behaviors with AppleScript. Optimize your images for fast delivery over the Internet.
An image processing or thousands of images, with read and write support for common file formats, creating multiple inputs and multiple outputs.

  • Mac users may face variety of errors and Can not run the downloaded Apps at normal. Basically, that Disable GateKeeper would help to get rid of troubles. Otherwise, take a look on this article to address your cases for further solutions.
Size: 23.12 MB

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