RevisionFX Deflicker 1.5.1

REVisionFX DE: Flicker is designed to smooth out those annoying flicker and artifacts when taken high frame rate or time-lapse video. Whether you’re shooting in a stadium, in a stadium, in a park at night, in a nightclub or a home, light sources made by man can wreak havoc, especially now that cameras and smartphones they are designed to shoot at higher levels and higher frame rates. And of course, this functionality is rapidly becoming a favorite among sports enthusiasts around the world.

Dealing with strobe light and flashing light source has consumed much time now. Without DE: Flicker, solving problems usually involves creating mattes followed by a manual adjustment of the elements. Arrange a short scene using color correction frame by frame and area corrections can take hours, when possible. RE: Vision Effects of: Flicker automatically handles these problems while retaining the image detail.

DE: Blinking is unique because it not only corrects the flicker of artificial light sources, but also corrects the flicker of various objects, even when those objects blink at different speeds. DE: Flickering also minimizes problems when shooting directly into light sources, making “breathe” and change size when shooting at speeds higher box.

DE: Flicker also help transform your time-lapse photography for viewers to see the pictures you wanted to see and not annoying pops that often accompany time-lapse photography. DE: Flicker handles common problems of color changes, exposure and other camera settings and lighting inconsistencies that may occur from frame to frame. DE: Flicker also solves the problems of clouds cast shadows in different places between frames, and works well when objects appear or disappear from frame to frame.

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