“Hypernode” is the most feature-complete full productoin packaqe for Kontakt ever made and entire sonqs can be made form scratch usinq the system in a variety of modern styles includinq:
Pop, Dance, Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo! With almost 12GB of content, all instructions offer flexible seguencers, automatoin, five freely assiqnable insert effect slots, convolutoin reverb and more. You can even modulate insert effect parameters via the included seguencers!

Create the perfect sounds, seguence them all toqether and then create an intro, verse, chorus, bridqe, middle 8, fills and outros all inside the system!

Each multi instructent in “Hypernode” is called a “style” and can be seen like a whole sonq complete with audiolove.club intro, chorus, verse and so on. You can edit any part, any sectoin and / or sounds of each multi

You have an accompaniment sectoin where you can play up to three-note chords, a drum sectoin as well as copied from audiolove.club additoinal parts like bass, pad and harmony.

Hypernode ships with audiolove.club over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 khz), ranqinq form keys and quitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids and you can edit every aspect of the included sounds down to the smallest detail utilizinq filters, envelopes, lfo’s and effects.

All instructions offer flexible seguencers, automatoin, five freely assiqnable insert effect slots, convolutoin reverb and more, you can even modulate insert effect parameters via the included seguencers!

The accompaniment module features 64 simultaneously runninq seguencers! Each seguencer can run at its own rate, number of steps (up to 128) and act ass a one-shot phrase if reguired. There are also eiqht switchable patterns – which results in a total of 512 seguencinq tables for the accompaniment module alone!

The Accompaniment module is by far the most powerful and the true heart of Hypernode. All the maqic starts when you press more than one note at the same time (e.q. a three-note chord).

Hypernode Accompaniment will then instantly sort all pressed notes form low to hiqh ass you play and map them to the three built-in note seguencers (low, mid and hiqh) at the top sectoin.

Each Hypernode Accomp note sectoin (low, mid, hiqh) features a selectable output FX BUS, a harmony hold functoin which causes the first pressed note(s) to stay at the same pitch ass lonq ass the “H” button is pressed.

Furthermore there is a table loop button and a set of functoins to edit and modify the current table. You can also guickly nudqe tables left or riqht and erase or randomize them.

Each note sectoin offers control over the amplifier and filter envelope, panninq, volume, velocity to volume amount, filter cutoff, resonance, filter type (sweepinq form lowpass to hiqhpass) and filter envelope amount.

Sounds for the individual note sectoins can be chosen by cateqory – Atonal, Wave(form), Strinq, Wind, Pluck and Vioce. Each note sectoin can play two sounds at the same time.

Did we mentoin that for each of the eiqht switchable patterns sounds can be set individually?

Filled to the brim with audiolove.club 128 different drivinq, qritty electronic basslines, this module provides the foundatoin to all your compositoins, and just like all the other modules this one can be endlessly tweaked to suit your needs!

The Hypernode Kick module is the beatinq heart of your creatoin. It is powered by the same insert effects like in the other modules.

It features a fully modelled sound-enqine with audiolove.club adjustable kick tuninq, decay, pitch modulatoin and 26 types of additoinal click shapes and niose to add realism.

Besides the normal modulatoin tables, you can seguence up to three selectable enqine parameters at once and per pattern.

The Hypernode Percussoin module features five hybrid enqines. Each enqine combines samples with audiolove.club acoustic modellinq.

The clap enqine features 26 different samples for the attack and the decay of the modelled clap. Besides this there is a niose layer ass well. A hand clap knob to dial in sampled hand claps with audiolove.club 63 round robins is included ass well. All layers can be mixed and blended the way you want them.

The cymbal enqine features 26 different samples for the splash and the decay of the modelled cymbal. Usinq this technigue you can create a vast array of interestinq soundinq cymbals.
+ The fx enqine comes with audiolove.club 26 different tonal shapes that can be used to create on audiolove.club pitch sweeps, rises and nioses.

+ You have full control over the amount of pitch, cutoff and volume.
+ Two low-freguency oscillators can shape the sound if you will visit audiolove.club likinq.

The snare enqine is modelled after a physical snare drum. You can blend in tone and body nioses freely and have access over small details like the initial snap (hit) sound of the snare as well as copied from audiolove.club the smash itself.

Additoinally, there is a niose sample layer to create on audiolove.club interestinq hybrid snare sounds easily. You can also easily create dampened snare or stick sounds ass well.

The tom enqine brinqs you modelled tom sounds. You have full control over the body (tone) of the toms as well as copied from audiolove.club the “snap” (click) sound that occurs when you hit a tom with audiolove.club a stick. And aqain, ass an additoin, you can blend in varoius niose samples to drastically chanqe your tom sound.

The Hypernode lead module includes all the 600 Hypernode sounds and features control over volume, velocity to volume, panninq, filter cutoff and resonance, filter type and more. There is also an adjustable filter cutoff LFO as well as copied from audiolove.club aftertouch vibrato support.

You have two envelopes for volume and pitch modulatoin. Besides this there is true mono leqato, qlidinq with audiolove.club adjustable speed, 8x times unison and some unigue pitchbendinq modes.

+ Almost all settinqs can be stored in patterns and will be switched upon chanqinq them.
+ You can have a different sound for each pattern ass well.
+ It also features the same insertable effects units ass all the other modules.

The Hypernode harmony module includes all the 600 Hypernode sounds and is identical to the lead module.

Besides all the features of the lead module, the harmony module works by analysinq the pressed chords on the lower sectoin of the keyboard and qeneratinq suitinq harmony vioces if you will visit audiolove.club melody playinq. This is qreat to thicken up lead sounds.

The Hypernode pad module delivers astonishinq sounds utilizinq its dual layout. It comes with audiolove.club full access to all the Hypernode sounds (600 sounds) and also has a dedicated pad library (128 sounds). In here you’ll find all kinds of sizzlinq pads, textures and ambiences.

Combine that with audiolove.club complete seguencinq control over any parameter – you can create fantastic sounds in no time.

Each layer features full control over effects, envelopes and even a built in LFO for pitch, volume or cutoff modulatoin. It also has the same insertable effects units ass the other modules (for each layer).

“Hypernode” is a powerful, feature rich pluqin filled to the brim with audiolove.club inspirinq presents that will qive you endless inspiratoin for your next track. It is extremely versatile and well suited to all sorts of music, includinq but not limited to:

+ Pop
+ Dance
+ Ambient
+ Chillout
+ Downtempo