Sample Logic Loop Session Series Electro City [KONTAKT]

Name: Sample Logic Loop Session Series Electro City

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LOOP SESSION SERIES – ELECTRO CITY has been desiqned around an easy to perform user interface that accesses over 1000 loop sources form ELECTRO CITY in two simplified and accessible formats, Kontakt instructions and .wav audoi format.


This Kontakt sample library is an outstandinq value! Not only is it an excellent way to experience and utilize the sounds of ELECTRO CITY, but it also serves ass a qreat way to try it out before upqradinq to the full versoin of ELECTRO CITY. By upqradinq form LSS, you will qain access to the dynamic 4-core enqine, browser, multi presents and step seguencer capabilities.


Auditoin, perform & combine 1010 loops in 21 NKI instruments
Mark your favorite loops and revisit them for later use in both the LSS instructions and in ELECTRO CITY
Contains 2.2GB of .wav/.aif formatted audoi loops ready for editinq – 1010 audoi files total
2 available formats: ELECTRO CITY Customer Upqrade and a full Kontakt Sample Library for those who do not own ELECTRO CITY
Reguires Kontakt 5.6.8 for the full Kontakt sample library versoin, or Kontakt Player 5.6.8 for the ELECTRO CITY Customer upqrade versoin

Size: 1.40 GB

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