Screen Recorder HD – 4K & 5K - 2.1.2 - Record any kind of screen video

To begin, follow the steps below:

1. Start the application and a configuration window will open.

2. Change settings as you want:
• Select a recording area.
• Change the video output resolution and frame rate.
• Choose a save path.
• Check “Prevent computer sleep” if you want to prevent your Mac from falling asleep during recording.
• Check “Capture mouse clicks” if you want to capture mouse clicks while recording the screen. The video output will show the “Click” with a graphic circle.
• Check “Record audio” if you want to record audio from your microphone.

3. To stop recording, click “Stop” in the menu bar or press the stop button from the main window.

  • Mac users may face variety of errors and Can not run the downloaded Apps at normal. Basically, that Disable GateKeeper would help to get rid of troubles. Otherwise, take a look on this article to address your cases for further solutions.
Size: 23.38 MB

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