Set A Light 3D Studio - 2.00.11 - build games lighting in advance on a PC

set.a.light 3D simulation STUDIO is the first photographic studio in the world, with which you can create sets of lighting in advance on a PC and simulate realistically expected results image.

Entire team is packaged in a single program. 
The intuitive user interface and all functions are tailored to the needs of photographers and revolutionize your daily work.

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set.a.light 3D V2.0 – the beginning of a new era
even more realistic, innovative best light calculation functions and user interface completely revised. In addition to more possibilities and flexibility, greatly improved work flow and increased work efficiency.

NEW! High resolution models and customizable.
One of the most important points in the development have been the models. Avatars seem extremely real and harmonize perfectly with the new calculation of light. The Hait, makeup and clothing is changeable.

NEW! Full flexibility with the new positioning tool. 
Definitely one of the features that users have been waiting for more: from their individual fingers to his head and his feet: all that can move our models! Be sure to save positions for later! Even your eyes will face the modeler light or camera with a single click!

Light simulation in real time and real characteristics.
For simulation, 3D uses special data set.a.light actual light developed by us, that emulate the behavior of the radiation through complex algorithms, in real time! That’s why you can transfer your settings to reality one by one.

Flashes and flashes
In set.a.light 3D modelers more than 50 hard and soft light (light boxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, …) that can be used with or without a grid honeycomb, etc. . You can test the planned light settings and experience. Around with the new configuration. The output of all the flashes is adjustable and can also be used as a modeling light. Flashes are also available.

NEW! Permanent light fantastic options.
With the new shutter speed can be used mixtures of continuous light and flash. No matter if your options before were 1/125 or 0.5 seconds, nothing changed in the study. With the shutter speed all that makes a difference now!

NEW! Discover gobos for exciting effects on the bottom or dramatic lighting in the model
with the new gobos, users can create great lighting effects and background without having to change location. Create your own presets, import and use them for creative lighting.

Leaves fashion color screen
The color plates are an excellent complement to convert the settings into something more exciting. You can quickly create a nice morning sun and simulate a quiet environment in the middle of the night. There is a selection of more than 30 popular manufacturer Lee blades that have been integrated into the software.

A picture is worth a thousand words. 
Virtual camera simulates your results in real time. Set the crop factor, the format and the focal length. Decide whether to use a zoom lens or not. More than 25 targets are ready to adjust. set.a.light 3D provides an incredibly detailed calculation, even with the depth of field. You can see overexposed or underexposed directly on the histogram.

Simply better photography and documentation with setplan. 
This is something for all of you, especially for those who have sites / pages own social networks that tend to show customers much of his work. All your settings can be exported as a PDF or JPG printable. The plan includes everything you need to know to build your settings on location. This leads to less movement and more time with his model, a good base for great shots and successful shots. Individualize exports setplanes with your own logo or adding a title and notes!

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Size: 1.94 GB