Sinedots, Shear and Retrodots Plugins for Adobe After Effects

sinedots-This is essentially the same effect as my Sinedot Photoshop Filter.
This is essentially the same effect as my Sinedot Photoshop Filter.

Due to the enourmous positive feedback about the sinedots filter I decided to release a slightly advanced version. For now only as AfterFx version but later also for Photoshop. Basically it’s the same effect with a few extensions:
enhanced antialias
color support
blend modes
more parameters for enhanced control
16Bit support

I still don’t have any feedback from people using this effect in AfterFx. Just lots of response from PSP and PS users. So if You actually used this effect for interesting animations please let me know.

Hints: For antialiasing choose high quality mode. Before using ‘(caution!) alternative pixel’ read the description in the readme.

A friend asked me to do such an effect because he wanted to use it somewhere. So i sat down for 3 hours and this is what came out. If you also have an effect you would like me to do just mail me.

What this effect does is a simple ‘shear’ Effect. It’s not just performed horinzontal or vertical as usually but along a selected line. Toy effect… probably useless most of the time.

William Christenson came up with the idea for this nice little filter. For the original photoshop Version of this effect check the photoshop section. I did the conversion to AfterFX just because i thought it could look really nice when beeing animated

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