Skillshare How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners Part 1


About This Class

How To Play The Drum Set For Beginners: Part 1 is a video course based on the drum set method book Masterful Drumming Volume One. This video course will help drummers develop their co-ordination and independence on the drum set. Volume One is designed for beginner to intermediate level players. The video will help develop sight reading skills by working through the basic note values like quarter, eighth, sixteenth notes and eighth note triplets. The video features a section on drum fills that will really help a student get around the drum set. An ebook of Masterful Drumming Volume One is included in the course.

Project Description

This course includes an ebook of Masterful Drumming Volume One. You will find all the exercises and rhythms that are demonstrated in the video. This will help you to follow along with all the demonstrations. Good luck and have fun!


Size: 1.10 GB

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