SQLPro for SQLite - 1.0.402 - Advanced SQL editor.

SQLPro for SQLite is an advanced editor sqlite. It has an easy to navigate interface, the ability to perform the most basic to advanced tasks.

Features include:

  • Syntax highlighting and intellisense / auto-complete query.
  • Advanced multi-query execution.
  • Choose from multiple themes included, or design your own.
  • Automatic detection of external changes reloads a database when modified outside SQLPro.
  • Integration versions. Mucked your database? Back to an earlier version.
  • Support loadable extension at runtime.
  • Semi-automatic dependency resolution.
  • Export your data to csv, MySQL, xml or json.
  • SQLite 2 support.
  • Full-screen support.
  • Reordering columns.
  • Online filters that let you customize the way your data is displayed.

What’s new

+ Support for Mojave and obscurely.
+ Performance improvements for large files.

Size: 12.43 MB

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