Starbound - 1.4.3 30561 - In Starbound, you create your own story - there’s no wrong way to play

Download Mac Starbound 1.4.3 30561 Full version – FREE!

Mac Platform: Intel
OS version: 10.9+
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit
RAM minimum: 2GB
Video RAM: 256 MBNew in version 1.4.3 (June 27th, 2019):

  • Minor Changes/Bug Fixes
  • Fix rendering issue on some AMD video cards
  • Added a graphics option to disable multi texturing (multi texturing was added in 1.4.2, causing slowdown on some hardware)
  • Higher chance for high value bounties to end on planets
  • Higher chance for high value bounties to include a vault step
  • Reject connections from players joining with an unknown species
  • Fix issues related to using the bounty board in multiplayer
  • Add more descriptive text when interacting with a bounty board you can’t be assigned to

Game Description

Starbound is an extraterrestrial sandbox adventure game! Youve fled your home, only to find yourself lost in space with a damaged ship. Your only option is to beam down to the planet below and gather the resources you need to repair your ship and set off to explore the vast, infinite universe…

Key Features

  • Choose from one of 7 playable races and customize your character
  • Save the universe in a story campaign featuring unique characters, bosses, dungeons and quests!
  • You’re the captain of your very own starship! Decorate it, expand it and use it to explore a procedurally generated universe
  • Colonize uncharted planets and collect gifts from your tenants – if they like you, they may even ask to join your ship crew!
  • Three game modes – Casual (no need to eat), Survival (eat to survive/drop items on death) and Hardcore (permadeath)
  • Craft thousands of objects – building materials, armor, weapons, furniture and more
  • Capture unique monsters to fight alongside you
  • All content is available in online drop-in/drop-out co-op
  • Built from the ground up to be easily moddable. You have the tools to make the universe your own – add new races, biomes, dungeons, and quests

More Info:

  • CAN NOT DOWNLOAD: Some probably encounter the following error: This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. In this case, please use Google DNS and you will get rid of trouble.
  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
Size: 709.29 MB