Stretch Transitions 1 (+ RGB Bonus) - Motionarray 188962 - Premiere Pro Presets



Add to your video a stylish and dynamic transition effect “Stretch”. These presets will add dynamic expressions and will attract attention. They are perfect for various videos, sports movies, film openers, intros, promos, movie trailers, action movies, fashion movies or any other video projects requiring a trendy look. Use the Adjustment Layer method. Bonus RGB presets – add RGB distortion to any of your transitions simply by putting another corrective layer on top and adding a preset to it. Other projects from Dilen. Adjustment Layer Transitions Presets :
Fast GlitchMorphing ShakesKaleidoscopeDistortionFast WhipDistortion 2Classic PanoramicGlow PanoramicColorful PanoramicDistortion 3Distortion 4Distortion 5), Pixel Sorting 1

Size: 37.77 MB

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