Tone2 Electra - 2.6 - powerful synthesizers

The award – winning Electra is not only one of the most powerful synthesizers in history, it’s the complete synthesis solution! Explore a vast musical universe of multi – synthesis oscillators, analog filters, chaotic fractals, samples flexible modulation and a huge range of sounds.

Electra v2.6 changes:
New synthesis mode: analog oscillators (Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine, half – sine, Peine, Pulse 25%).
New mode of synthesis smooth synchronization (if the target is active oscillator is analog, works well with a triangle).
New mode of synthesis analog pulse width modulation (select Analog -> ‘Press PW’, the PW button controls the pulse width).
New effect: ‘Gated Reverb’ which is synchronized with the speed of BPM.
New effect: ‘Gated Reverb Echo’ is Gated reverb with delay that is synchronized with BPM.
New effect: ‘Reverberation reverse’ which is synchronized with the speed of BPM.
New effect: ‘Stereo Width’ extends the panorama of monkey enclosure.
New effect: “Laser Punch” adds an additional blow. Use it with a sawtooth to manage sound “Buzzed” of zzapping.
New effect: ‘Stereo flanger’.
New effect: ‘Surround pan’ with supports surround – encoded with Dolby Prologic.
New Filter: ‘LP Butter’ is a Butterworth filter with 24dB analog modeling. The analog controller controls the noise.
New Filter: ‘LP Tone2’ is a filter step jump with 24dB analog modeling step. The analog controller controls the nonlinearity.
New Filter: ‘LP Elliptic’ is a digital filter with a slope of 40dB.
Patch browser displays a scroll bar if there are more than 26 categories.
Double – click a command resets to the default.
Custom Wave -> ‘Load wave’ now displays a pop -up menu with all the waveforms available in ElectraX_wavetables.
Custom wave forms can be quickly selected with the mouse wheel.
Custom Wave -> ‘Random Wave’ generates a random waveform.
‘Save Wave’ export a wav file with the waveform of the oscillator.
New effect sample: the phase change creates a sample that sounds very similar. It can be used to ‘sample clean’ as it is difficult to determine the origin of the sample.
New halftone mode for the arpeggiator: 3/4 select a third lower or higher depending on the root key.
Support “natural movement” to the mouse wheel on Mac.
The list selectors now have checkmarks.
40 additional patches.
Enhanced sound ‘Reverb Hall’, especially for small sizes.
Improved sound of “Reverb Room ‘small sizes.
Improved sound of ‘Reverb Cathedral’.
Sound slightly improved “Reverb Big” with a reduced low frequency noise.
Slightly improved sound “Reverb Infinity” with reduced low frequency noise.
A hand mark for text style parameters that can be modified with the mouse is shown.
More detailed tooltips some description.
If the ToolTip is hidden, the information boxes are also hidden controls.
Best default settings for Chorus.
Best Ensemble default settings.
Mousewheel PC has a more aggressive approach.
No more clipping in the waveform display.
Sound cleanest PWM modulation ‘custom wave’.
The screen filter frequency response is more accurate.
More precisely triangle, square and saw LFO at high frequencies.
More linear frequency response “Dynamic strong,” “brilliant” and “Loudness”.
Home -> ‘Reset All’ sets the tone wheel + -12.
Cleaned some tooltips.
Several small improvements.
Sample waveform smoother appearance.
I wrote some templates ‘home patch’.
Fixed: time sampling rate of 44 kHz and 48 kHz was wrong.
Fixed: on some PCs, the mouse cursor displayed a deck circle when a knob is moved.
Fixed: LFO ‘Fade’ did not work with some waveforms.
Fixed: checkmark ‘multilayer Edition’ not displayed after closing and opening the GUI.
Fixed: it Fixed a denormal in the Reverb effect.
Corrected: corrected a click could be audible when the sustained volume envelope was set to 0.
Fixed: monophonic Arpeggiators sometimes not played if keys are struck while a patch was loaded.
Fixed: time “retention” in the envelope was shown incorrectly.
Fixed: The LFO speed showed up / down arrow of the mouse on mouseover.
Fixed: speed display STEP Lfo was incorrect.
Fixed: the modulation depth knobs could have been wrong if the purpose of the matrix is changed.
Parameters text style no longer show a “*”.

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Installation Notes:
Run the installation and then drag the file to where T2K installed the VST.
If you have another version of Electra installed, install it in a different folder.
After that, run your daw, locate the VST and I should be ready!
Make sure your DAW is looking for the folder where you installed it .
There may be problems installing Electra 2.6 if you have another instance of Electra installed on your computer

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  • If downloaded file can not be extracted (file corrupted...), please make sure you have downloaded the file completely and don't use Winzip, it sucks! We would recommend using The Unarchiver.
  • By reason, the App does not work and can not be opened. Mostly, just Disable the Gatekeeper, and you get rid of troubles.
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