Tracktion Software Collective 1.2.1

Collective is a powerful sampler and synthesizer capable of generating a wide variety of instrument sounds. Developed to accompany the new music composition tools, Collective allows you to immediately start creating different musical styles. Quickly select from more than 600 presets and immerse yourself surgically to create your unique sound. Remove the sample library including his or load, combined with synthesis or appreciate the highest quality of traditional samples. An instrument to rule them all.

Synthesizer group shows
Extensive sound library with over 600 sounds.
Voices to 256 (depending on the CPU speed)
Over 4000 instrument sound layers (usually between 1 and 12)
Macro controls for editing fast instruments and easy
Support driver for pitch bend, modulation wheel, monophonic and polyphonic aftertouch, sustain pedal and sustained expression pedal
fully automated host parameters

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for sound
unison with up to 16 voices and notes in unison free transposition.
Powerful arpeggiator with MIDI file import
internal synchronization to host tempo or
Potent activation modes notes for sophisticated sound layers.

four oscillators
Playing high quality samples
forms classic virtual analog waveforms as saw, triangle and pulse width modulation pulse
Sinusoidal waveform with continuous waveform making square, saw, triangle or other waveforms
synchronization in the oscillator
modulation ring oscillator 1 and 2.
4-Operator FM all waveforms or samples

2 filters
filters they are in series with a phase distortion interconnected.
Types of high pass filters and low sloped 6, 12 and 24dB
filter types bandpass and notch with slope of 12 and 24dB
filter tunable comb high quality positive and negative feedback (can be used for chorus or flanger or to create polyphonic physical modeling sounds)
Various types of distortion, including soft, medium, hard and tube saturation and cut hard

4 – band parametric fully
low and high bands shelf type hood from .

waveforms LFO classic triangle, sine, saw up / down pulse, sample and hold, random
bias waveform
can be synchronized to accommodate
LFOs aimed at generating sound modules, ie, tone, pulse width cut, volume and pan

4 Envelopes
to 32 stages with variable slope.
Hold and release loop
envelopes are pre-addressed to modules that generate sound, that is, the tone level osc 2 + 4, cutting and volume

4 effect buses
Each FX bus can be configured for any type effect
Effect Types Compressor, Distortion, Filter, Chorus / Flanger, Phaser, Time / Delay Clock, Natural / Plate / Nonlinear Reverberation
complete set of parameters for each effect type


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Size: 2.13 GB