Tribe Archipelago Lightroom & ACR Presets Collection 2019 05.2019

For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7, 6, 5 & 4. and ACR Presets for Photoshop CC & CS6. Based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with RAW files. Set contains Six Color Presets in total. Prices in US Currency.

Summit is all about giving you colorful consistent results over a variety of imagery. Rather than bleeding your imagery of the tones you love, these presets embrace natural greens for a simple but dramatic effect. Each preset has been tailored to match your specific style and aesthetic, from warm hues to cool blues. A flexible set for the modern photographer.”

Tribe Archipelago Lightroom & ACR Presets Collection 05.2019 Includes:

  1. Archipelago LOAF
  2. Archipelago Kevin Klein
  3. Archipelago DonHelen
  4. Archipelago Longnecker
  5. Archipelago LXC
  6. Archipelago LXCN
  7. Archipelago LKO
  8. Archipelago Summit
  9. Archipelago Terrain
  10. Archipelago 1888 AD
  11. Archipelago Basecamp
  12. Archipelago Atlas
System Requirements:
  • Adobe CS6 or later
  • Adobe Lr4 or later

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Size: 49.77 MB